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Heritage Impact Statements


What are Heritage Impact Statements?

A Heritage Impact Statement (HIS) or Statement of Heritage Impact (SOHI) is a specialist report usually prepared for the relevant consent authority, typically the Local Council, to provide an expert assessment of the predicted effect of new work on the cultural heritage significance of an individual item or heritage conservation area. 

The aims of a Heritage Impact Statement are several but revolve around:

  • Identifying why, how, and what about a place is considered to be of heritage significance, 

  • Anticipating the consequences of a proposal against the understanding of the heritage place's value, and 

  • Examining and/or recommending mitigation actions to reduce heritage impact. 

The length of a Heritage Impact Statement will vary depending on the scale and complexity of the proposal. 

Our Heritage Impact Statements are authoritative and will strengthen the heritage prospects of your project. If you want to read more about this type of report, process or costs, why not read some of the blogs below—or get in contact.

Touring The Past can provide you with expert Heritage Impact Statements.

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Heritage Impact Statements

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