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About Touring The Past


Touring the Past Pty Ltd believes that the historic environment has always been in a state of flux.


At their best, heritage management systems acknowledge such a reality and offer sophisticated tools to manage and guide change, not stifle it.


At the bedrock of our practice is the confidence that meaningfully engaging with the tangible and intangible remains of the past in the present supports both the achievement of excellent and sustainable contemporary design and layered place-making, as well as community and personal well-being and social/economic opportunities.


To every heritage project—straightforward or complicated—we bring dedication, historical consciousness, and regulatory understanding. With the right advice and mindset, heritage need not be a hindrance.

Heritage House Consultants
Heritage Consultants

Why engage us? Touring the Past is a boutique consultancy based in Sydney but servicing all of NSW, particularly Sydney and the Blue Mountains region.


Our business is all things history, heritage and interpretation. We offer a full range of heritage services from providing advice and preparing supporting cultural built heritage reports to interpretative strategising and content design and commissioned histories.


The service we provide is dynamic, practical and client-focused. Our first priority is to clearly scope projects and necessary processes which enables us to cut unnecessary costs and deliver high-quality and best-practice work in a timely fashion.


We can work individually on projects or function effectively as part of a multidisciplinary team.

Who will you be working with? Our principal, Patrick Wilson, is a Heritage Consultant and accredited Professional Historian, specialising in built heritage, with a broad array of experiences and a down-to-earth approach to communication, the statutory heritage landscape and historical practice.


As an Australian history specialist, Patrick brings a fresh perspective to heritage projects, moving beyond the fabric and facade of heritage sites to provide a deeper understanding of the site and its significance. His approach will provide you with tested possibilities for interpretation, conservation and design.


Patrick will go to great lengths to achieve your aims while always being frank with you about their feasibility. 

Sydney Heritage Consultant

Professional Affiliations & Memberships

Our name, Touring the Past, was inspired by and is used with the kind permission of, Richard White, Affiliate Associate Professor of History at the University of Sydney.

Unless specified, Touring the Past does not claim ownership of any of the images shown on this website. If you are the owner of a displayed image and you wish it to be removed please kindly get in touch.

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