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Specialist Built Heritage Consultants servicing Sydney, the Blue Mountains, and wider New South Wales 

Touring the Past Pty Ltd is a boutique consultancy that will assist you to achieve sensitive intervention in heritage contexts—managing what makes a place culturally significant while catering for reasonable change, adaptive reuse, and contemporary innovation. 


As Heritage Consultants, our core work is guiding change at heritage places, typically through the preparation of a robust and independent Heritage Impact Statement.


We also provide design, conservation, and heritage planning advice, as well as heritage interpretation strategiesconservation management plansphotographic archival recordings, and commissioned history.

We have a deep interest in Australia’s shared, often challenging histories and a broad-ranging proficiency in the ever-increasing variety of places that are viewed as heritage.  

We are passionate about working at the diverse historic, character-rich places that underpin the historic environment. What’s more, we believe that smart heritage management practices do not preclude change nor exclude respectful and interpretive contemporary design. 


Statutory heritage policy, the application of conservation principles, and the complexities of repurposing an existing building are demanding. An effective response requires an independent, pragmatic consultancy. For us, this equates with the provision of frank and informed advice, fine-grained heritage analysis, inventive solutions, and deft communication—whether the project is small or large.

Touring the Past are leading Sydney Heritage Consultants. All enquiries welcome.

Whatever stage your project is at, we can help 

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Touring the Past acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land and pays respect to Elders past, present, and emerging. We honour First Peoples and their unique cultural and spiritual relationships to Country and their contribution to our society and history. To that end, all our work seeks to uphold the idea that if we care for places, they will care for us.

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