Heritage Consultant and Professional Historian,

servicing Sydney, the Blue Mountains, and NSW 

Touring the Past is driven by a motivation to keep heritage places alive and relevant to the needs of their owners and the communities that care about them. We combine experience, expertise, and small business sensibility to provide you with an agile and considered heritage service that fits your schedule and budget. 


As Heritage Consultants and Professional Historians, our role is to assist you in achieving thoughtful and statutorily acceptable change at heritage sites—safeguarding what makes a place significant while catering for contemporary amenity, expectations, and creativity.


Our approach is underscored by independence, collaboration, and pragmatism. The provision of built heritage advice and the preparation of Heritage Impact Statements is both core work and a speciality. We also render other heritage services, including the preparation of Conservation Management Plans, heritage interpretation, photographic archival reports, conservation advice, and commissioned history. 

Touring the Past acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land and pays respect to Elders past, present, and future. We honour First Nation peoples and their unique cultural and spiritual relationships to place and their profound contribution to our society and history. To that end, all our work seeks to uphold the idea that if we care for Country, it will care for us.

Every project we become involved with is unique and requires a tailored approached. We are always happy to talk over your project and provide preliminary feedback and fees advice. 

To get in contact, please call or text our principal heritage consultant, Patrick Wilson, on 0491 341 906or send him an email. 

We are located in Artarmon but service all of metropolitan Sydney and the rest of NSW, in particular, the Blue Mountains.

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What is a heritage consultant?

In a nutshell, a specialist in understanding and ‘reading’ places. More formally, an academically qualified and experienced conservation practitioner who tackles a range of heritage-related activities and tasks and exercises an in-depth knowledge of Australia’s social, cultural and architectural history. My work life (and perhaps too much of my personal time) is spent undertaking rigorous research, communicating complex issues, providing practical advice for developments affecting heritage assets, navigating policy, formulating impact assessments and negotiating acceptable solutions that reconcile necessary changes with the protection of our collective cultural heritage.


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