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Announcing Touring the Past’s Blue Mountain’s ‘field office’—solution-based heritage services

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Touring the Past is delighted to announce the opening of its Blue Mountain’s ‘field office’. This exciting news means we are able to offer efficient, cost-effective and tailored heritage services across this region as well as Greater Western Sydney.

Blue Mountains Heritage consultant

The cultural landscape of the Blue Mountains is both multilayered and idiosyncratic with its ‘village’ feel, diverse array of traditional built forms, particular regional typologies and remarkably intact streetscapes and gardens. It is an area that requires a sensitive and informed approach to change.

Heritage Consultant Blue Mountains
C H Hunt, 1920s (NLA)

Touring the Past is now well-positioned to collaborate with owners, design professionals and organisations in the delivery of projects at heritage places that balance contemporary expectations with heritage significance, engender urban renewal and innovation, and further deepen the appreciation of this historic environment.

Some of the areas we can assist you with include:

· Public or commissioned history;

· Heritage Interpretation;

· Strategic heritage advice;

· Significance assessment;

· Heritage compliance;

· Heritage Impact Statements;

· Conservation Management Plans;

· Place-making; and

· Photographic Archival Records.

Touring the Past looks forward to working in this historic and naturally beautiful landscape.

Blue Mountains Heritage Consultant
Ornate staircase, The Everglades, Leura


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